Temporary Pause

Necessary preliminary actions required to proceed.

This is to inform the community that the project is pausing for a short period of time. This is due to the fact that the project is currently in a state of flux, and the team is working on a new direction for the project based on recent research. This is a necessary preliminary action required to proceed.

That said, some details on TES's newfound clarity:

What is TES?

Take the name literally: it's an extension school for existing traditional & non-traditional education strategies.

Along any trajectory into a profession and up through the ranks there are unknown skills, strategies & knowledge that determine one's success. Most can be found in books and networking with talent aiming at the top 1-10% of the field but collective industry knowledge is rarely distilled into actionable, adaptive frameworks.

TES finds the best strategies, those with the most uncommon success, and turn collective knowledge into near-immediately effective frameworks for members. Doing so saves years if not decades and completely changes the lives of our members.

It is critical to note that we do not aim to replace existing solutions in the marketplace. We fill the gaps and guide members in choosing the best resources for their needs.

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